She Knew Something Was Wrong And Took A Photo, It’s The Miraculous Outcome That Amazed Me!

When Jacquelyn Martin who is a photographer by profession came across a homeless man who was huddled in a blanket, she knew something was wrong. The man looked young and appeared that he had not been in the streets for a long time.

She approached the man and introduced herself and learnt that he was called Nick. She then took his photo that appeared later in an article in USA Today. When Michelle Simmons went through the article, she noted that the man in the photo was her missing son.

Nicholas A. Simmons who is 20 years old had gone missing 4 days ago leaving behind his car, cell phone coat and wallet. His family had reported the incident to the Rochester police who had searched everywhere without success. Nick was then traced and taken to the George Washington University Hospital by the Police and later reunited within his family.

Though he is alive, Nick is not well and his family are so thankful to God for having reunited with their missing son. According to them, it is God who had taken the photo and made them find him. Though it is not known what made Nick to go astray, they are happy for seeing their son again and will do everything to see him well again.

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