She Leaves Her Car At The Bar After Getting Drunk, Then The Manager Does This To Her. Kudos!

When Paula Grzelak decided to pop into a restaurant and enjoy herself in Alberta, Canada, she had no idea the kind of reactions her next actions would elicit. She was soon to know, and now everyone is down on it!


Paula drove to the Original Joe’s and had a few drinks. She got drunk. Being a smart human, Paula was well aware of the dangers of drunk driving, so she opted to leave her car at the bar parking lot and use other means to get home. That simple decision caught a manager’s attention. Now you won’t believe what Paula found on her windscreen when she came back for her car. That’s awesome!

It’s a thank you note from the manager! He just wanted to let her know that the establishment appreciated her decision to not drive while drunk. She even got a free chicken wing!


So she thought it is wise to share the story, along with the thank you note, on her Facebook page.


That has now gone viral, with very many people sharing in hopes of nudging the restaurants in their areas to adopt the same trick to encourage people not to drink and drive. This is so nice you just have to SHARE! 



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