She Never Knew Her Life Could Change When She Went To Take The Shower, This Is Touching!

Tessa David of 27 years was a lovely and charming cheerleader of NFL. Last year, when she had finished taking a shower and stepped out of the washroom, the unexpected happened.

Once out of the shower, her arm became frozen and she also developed a serious headache. She then experienced a black-out, and when she woke up, she found herself at the hospital of Indianapolis, in the ICU. Her family was around her bed. The research revealed that she suffered from a serious stroke that made 60% of her brain not to function.

The brain loss made her forget most of the things. Currently, she is learning afresh to read, write, talk, do simple tasks and walk. Because of being determined and courageous, she is fairing on well in the recovery path. From the endless care and support that she has received from her family, other NFL cheerleaders, and friends, she has had positive changes which indicate that she is recovering quickly.

Watch the video below, how she tries to put efforts in talking and performing simple tasks. To wish her a quick recovery, please SHARE this story to all your friends on Facebook!

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