She Never Noticed She Was Expectant Until Her Pants Were Cut Off. So Stunning!

What you are about to watch will leave you thinking…! But you have to believe me – this is a real story. Most of the times, the busy nature of parents may make them fail to notice what their children are going through and offer them the much needed guidance.

Within this video (part of a show called “Untold Stories of the ER”), a young woman by the name Amber is not aware that she is expectant until she is rushed to the hospital. Her family thought it was any normal sickness when they rushed her to the hospital until they were met with the real shock. Dr. Kathleen Clem, who was among the doctors that helped her deliver revealed in an interview that the mum was completely unaware of what was about to happen.

Amber’s boyfriend was also not expecting it either. It’s understandable when we see the dad in shock when he rushes into the ER room.

After the delivery, the doctors thought it was the right time to find out why neither party was expecting this. More especially, Amber and her boyfriend.

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