She Only Paid For His Groceries, Then The Unexpected Happened… We Need More Of This!

Sometimes, the smallest act of kindness can bring forth the largest fruit, and one Tracy Warshal has had that experience firsthand. Now this will strike you in a big way!

It is 2015, during the Christmas season, and Tracy is doing some shopping at a grocery store in Georgia when something happened and she decided to help.

She learned that a fellow shopper, a man, had forgotten his wallet and couldn’t pay for his groceries – just a few fruits, actually. Tracy decided to foot the man’s bill and also gave him her first name. She was wearing a Piedmont Health t-shirt, and the guy would later remember that. Days later, Piedmont Health received a $10,000 donation in her name!

She only learnt about it when the institution contacted her about it. The man had donated for the cancer patients before, and that’s how they finally knew where the money came from. What a blessing! All because of one good act of kindness!

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