She Prepared This For 8 Good Days. Now See What Happens When The Dominoes Finally Fall. Stunning!

If you’re anything like me, then you already understand just how a chain of falling dominoes leaves a domino enthusiast with a strong sense of satisfaction. Now, what if you could actually get to witness one of the most complex domino settings and also get to watch them fall over in such a thrilling fashion? You want that? It’s here!

You’ve probably heard of Havesh5, a domino artist who seems to always come up with some really creative and complex domino settings. This time around, Havesh5 has decided to make your day with this, and she surely won’t fail!

So here’s the video that’s already been viewed over 17 million times. You can already bet how much of a kick you’re about to get from it. In the clip, Havesh5 has spent a cool 25 hours in 8 days preparing this setting. “The Triple Spiral,” as it’s been fondly dubbed, consists of about 15,000 dominoes. Incredible!

Watch the clip and love how the dominoes fall in an attractively satisfying progression. If you fall in love with this, then go ahead and hit that SHARE button and put this on Facebook!

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