She Put Their Favorite Song. Now Look At What These 3 Babies Are Doing. I Can’t Help Laughing!

What charms me up when it comes to babies is the way they laugh. I have never found another thing that makes me as happy as it does. In the following clip, the three babies will demonstrate to you just that! Sandra Cyrus, is the proud aunt of the triplet nieces. While she was doing the work of a babysitter, she managed to record the triplets doing their thing!

One true thing is that babies do offer hard work to whoever takes care of them. This is because they don’t have specific time to sleep, as they sleep and wake up anytime. When it comes to crying, they do it without a reason. Even though these three nieces are enjoying the moment, I don’t think they are like this all the time. To charm them up, Sandra Cyrus put “Happy,” a song by Pharrell Williams which no one can resist to smile when it plays.

On hearing the song, the triplets started to dance to it. The most surprising thing is that they were dancing for the very first time. What an amazing moment!

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