She Tells Him It Is A Game Of Testing Foods, But When He Gets To Know The Truth… What A Joy!

It’s without doubt that there are many ways to kill a rat. In the clip below we see how a woman named Kristen was able to tell her husband, Cory, that she was pregnant in a very clever way.

When Kristen did a pregnancy test which turned out to be positive, she decided to think of an interesting way to reveal the wonderful news to her husband. To do that, she prepared some food and put it into different containers and told Cory that they were going to play a game.

Cory got blindfolded and was given a spoon and the containers to taste and say which type of food it was. Cory was able to identify the first three foods without no problem, but when she handed her the third one, Cory could definitely recognize the taste of the baby food. She asked him some few questions before revealing that she was pregnant.

Cory could not believe and requested to see the test and Kristen willingly handed it to him. Confirming that it was not a game but real, he just bent down and kissed the belly of her wife and hugged her with tears of joy rolling down his cheek.

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