She Was About To Be Raped, Then This Young Boy Did The Unexpected. What A Hero!

Being a hero does not mean that you need to be above some age limit, as James Persyn of 14 years became a hero recently when is father left him at the house alone with his two brothers. While babysitting his brothers during a cold night, with his dad away to pick his mom, someone began banging the house door. The sexual assault victim was a woman who was asking to enter the house. James opened for the college lady who shot inside and went straight to the kitchen. The lady informed him of an armed assailant who had wanted to kill him, so he hid the children.

Calculating the best place to hide, he chose to hide his brothers in the bathroom. He left one of his little sisters calling the police while he dashed to look for a hunting knife that he had been given as a present during Christmas. He phoned his father and asked him to be back in the house in a short time.

After doing all this, the bangs were heard on the door. It was the assailant who had reached James’ house. He was issuing threats that he was going to kill everybody.

Find out for yourself what followed by watching the clip below, and why the whole locality called him a hero!

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