She Wasn’t Expecting The Bittersweet Twist When They Attended The Concert, All Women Will Love It!

On one special day, Sophie’s hubby took her to a concert to see Garth Brooks. Gary is a nice guy, so he and his lovely wife went to the concert, but things were about to go up another level!

Now, this day was actually Sophie’s birthday, so she asked Garth to perform his inspiring song, “Mom.” The singer was yet to know why the lady wanted to listen to that song. Turns out, the couple from Ottawa had lost their 3 ½ year son in 2011.

The moment was emotional, with quite a few tears shed and memories flowing as the song played. One smart member of the audience took the chance to film the incident and it has now gone all viral and breaking the internet. It’s so heart-touching!

Sophie was so grateful to Gary, Garth and Antoine, her late son, for having made her day. It’s truly a great thing for her. She will remember this!

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