She Went Out For A Break, And She Ended Up Saving A Kid Crying In The Cold. Wow!

Denise Wilson has crowned a hero! But according to her, she did what any good person would.  She had to save a troubled soul, and she didn’t have to be a superwoman to do that.

Denise got a break from her usual hassle as a bus driver for MCTS (Milwaukee County Transit System). Initially, she wasn’t really so into it but she decided to take the time out anyway. It turned out to be her fate!

While on break, Denise heard a faint cry, and that’s when she looked out only to spot a little kid walking in the street in the dead of the night. You can imagine what it must have felt like for the 5-year-old walking without shoes or enough clothing in a winter night. But Denise was sharp!

She took the kid to a nearby gas station and got some clothes for him; then she got him into the bus waiting for the cops to arrive.  She even gave him her own jacket. She’s a true hero!

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