She Wrapped Eggs With Silk And Boiled Them, The Result? What A Beauty!

It has never been easy decorating eggs. You might end up with a real mess which should not be the case with Easter here with us. To masterfully decorate those orbs when you are not one of those artistic gurus is a big challenge. I’m one of those who find it a nightmare when it comes to coloring anything.

But, what if you discovered a way of doing it that requires you to have zero skill, but end up with strikingly decorated eggs? Well, this clip is all about that. To successfully do that, all you need is decorated pieces of silk, some vinegar, and some of the tips within this tutorial and your Easter eggs will be ready.

Everything in this video tutorial seems so easy and provides the best alternative for people like me who do not have the skills of using food coloring or a paintbrush. You have to watch this if you have always been looking for something to show off your crafty side to friends over this Easter.

Do you think this is a great idea worth trying over this Easter or whenever you need to decorate your eggs?

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