She’s Aged Only Two Years, But Knows How To Administer The Right Doses. UNBELIEVABLE!

Attention! One moment of cuteness is enough to keep you away from a doctor for a number of days. Orders from a doctor!

This video is so adorable and deserves to be ranked among the all-time delectable clips. Here, Necker, one bull terrier is playing with the family’s little baby, Noa. Necker proves to be one of the most patient and cute dogs around. He never resists when little Noa decides to check his heartbeat, ears, as well as giving him his shots. From the look of things, the two are good friends and enjoy spending time together.

Those who have been saying bull terriers are not loveable, they have to watch out this video and withdraw the statement. Manuel Ruiz, who is the little Noa’s dad, is aware of that fact and that’s why he lets her spend time with the family’s bull terrier.

This is enough proof that all kids deserve the chance of growing up near dogs in their families. If the precious bond that exists between the two is not enough to convince you so, I don’t know what will make you think otherwise.

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