She’s Been Doing It For 10 Years, But What She Just Did Now Is Something So Deeply Inspiring. I Salute!

10 years ago, when Jordan Bone started posting her makeup tutorials online, people got moved. She quickly had a massive following online. She commanded respect and honor. She was a genius.

However, the fans didn’t know how she started this. The truth is that something happened to this nice lady, prompting her to start something to inspire people. The beautiful lady had been involved in a accident that left her four limps incapacitated to a point that she struggles to do things, even to apply the makeup as she records her daily tutorials.

The videos have always been edited to get rid of the parts that show her struggling, but this time, Jordan has decided to let everyone know her true self. In this good video, you get to watch this young lady as she does her thing without editing the video. You’ll be deeply touched.

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