She’s In Extreme Labor Pain, And Then She Decides To Start This… Bless This Family!

In as much as giving birth is painful to a woman, it’s still one of the most fulfilling moments of her life. Seeing the real fruits of that “labor” first-hand is a huge relief after months of waiting and caution. That’s one reason this video is getting so much attention online. This lady is just great in her own right!

It’s lady Temple in the video, and she’s undergoing intense labor pains. The lady decided to give birth to their baby at home, and that aggravates the labor pains even more because she doesn’t have access to much of the medications needed to reduce the pain. However, the family has their own natural pain reliever…no, pain-beater!

So Temple is struggling to bring a kid into the planet, and then her lovely hubby decides to step in and participate in this divine moment. He just grabbed his guitar and started working it to such a nice tune that captured the laboring woman. She started singing too, and not even the strongest contractions could beat her!

What a family! Shortly after, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Koa. It must have been a really lovely welcoming party for the little son. See this video and get amazed. You’ll want to put this on Facebook. Just SHARE!


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