She’s Out Fishing With Her Dad. What She Gets Home? This Is Going To Really Amaze You!

When this dad took her daughter to a fishing “expedition,” he had no idea the kind of great dinner she was about to earn the family. Avery was just a little girl, but her fishing skills finally threatened to prove otherwise!

So the little smart lady throws out her line into the waters, and she waits, anticipating a nice catch. Her dad is busy with other things on the boat, so the good lady has to concentrate on her part of assignment. She felt something tug at the line and she started running the line. Whatever it, must be heavy. In fact, it could be almost too heavy for her, but Avery is a champion. Turns out, the catch is not only nice, it’s great and huge. It’s a bass!

Her dad had to put this on tape. The girl pulled in the bass and got on board, with a little help from dad, of course. She must have been so excited!

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