She’s Playing Around On The Snow, And Then She Slips. Watch Her Mom’s Instant Reaction And Smile!

Baby bears can be a little bit of some curious creatures, but they can sometimes be so clumsy as to get themselves falling over into waters. That’s what happened to the little girl in the video, and you’re going to love her mom’s reaction.

Milk is the cute little baby bear who loves playing around on the snow, and Walnut is her big bear mum who is extra careful of her kid’s safety. The little one was doing her stuff when she suddenly slipped over the edge of the rocks and went down into the waters.

However, it’s the mom’s quick action that’ll surely steal your whole heart!

Walnut is not the kind of mum who would see her baby drown and do nothing about it. In fact, she’s the perfect kind of mum who wouldn’t even want the baby’s head to touch the water. So when she saw Milk struggling to get out of the waters, she does what moms are known for. You’ll love this!

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