Smart Pianist Stuns The BGT Judges With Something Too Unexpected. I Had To Stand!

Britain’s Got Talent is actually one of the toughest competitions on the planet. Every contestant is always cracking their skulls trying to think of a great way to capture the hearts of the audience, especially the judges. Now, pianist Nicholas Bryant seems to have mastered that art!

When this guy walked into the stage, his interview with the judges wasn’t even so captivating. His dressing wasn’t so creative, too. Some judges even rolled their eyes, giving out a signal that they might have been “bored” already. When he started his thing on the piano, it didn’t even resonate so well with the audience, but one thing they didn’t know was that all this was Bryant’s cover for an ultimate surprise!

At the 12-second mark into the performance, something happened, followed a series of other incredible surprises that even got the audience to their feet with applause. Needless to say, the judges gave Bryant and his group a standing ovation and allowed him into the next stage in the competition. That’s quite surprising, isn’t it?

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