Soldier Dad Was Separated From His Daughter For 3 Years. You Can’t Handle It When They Meet!

Many soldiers have that emotional reunion with their families. It is so emotional to see a family receiving their brother, son, or husband who has come home after a long time in service.  Such was the case for this particular family when the dad finally came home after being in deployment for a whole three years, save for the short Christmas holiday visit.

The most emotional moment is when dad decided to pay his daughter a surprise visit at her school. She was in gymnasium, exercising, with the other children. She had no clue that dad was coming home, and find her right at school. It was awesome, she just saw and ran all the way, and jumped to his arms. As far as the display of emotions goes, this one is just one of the best I ever have seen.

That was not all the surprise that there was, the wife had requested that during the surprise visit to his daughter, he wears the uniform to the school. What the soldier did not know was that there was surprise waiting for him as well. Watch the video to see the look on his face when the whole thing unfolded.

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