Soldier Gives His Mum A Surprise Visit When He Comes For Holidays From Deployment!

The following story happened not long ago in Oklahoma City hospital. It was on a normal day when a soldier who had a neck brace popped into the hospital’s emergency room. Upon entering, the nurses on duty surrounded him thinking that he had been wounded. Of all the nurses, one of them, Tammy Smith went on to ask him for his name and when he was born. The soldier gave her the name and birth date, to the nurse who actually was his mother but she never suspected that.

In real, the military by the name of Brandon Smith, had no injuries and the neck brace that he had was just a make up to surprise his mother. He had been deployed overseas for two years and saw it wise to surprise his mom for the holidays. It was not that she had forgotten of her son, but it was that she was so committed on her work.

But when the mom gets to recognize her son when she looks at him on the face, she can’t afford to stop laughing and get overjoyed that her son is back home.

Upon seeing her, she went wild of excitement, screaming around. Actually, it is very touching to see how these soldiers who give all their lives to defend our nation, are received when they come home. This means that we should embrace them as much as we can since we don’t get to see them often.

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