Soldier Surprises Her Daughter On Her Birthday. What A Father!

The life of a small girl can totally change during her birthday. This day at the Bear Exploration Center for Math, Science, and Technology in Montgomery looked like any other day.

The little girl’s name was Kyra, and her father had returned from war. He planned to surprise her on her birthday. While standing at the outside of the house and looking into it through the window, he got emotionally carried away and started to shed tears when he saw her daughter eating with her buddies. On the other side, the little girl never knew that her dad would enter the door with a bouquet of flowers and sing to her a lovely song.

Apart from being a soldier, he is also a wonderful singer! Kyra sits in amazement listening to her father singing the happy birthday song, while surrounded by her teachers and friends. The face that she puts when looking at her dad singing will leave you breathless!

Apart from the flowers and the birthday song, he had another surprise which was a poem. He reads it out with a loud voice while embracing her daughter. He confesses to her that he really missed her a lot while on a mission far away. And because of that he came from a faraway distance to tell her that he loved her and nothing could ever separate them.

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