Soldiers Pay Back Her Wonderful Hugs When They Learn That She’s Suffering From Cancer. So Touching!

When Texan Elizabeth, a woman of 83 years, heard that some troops were to be deployed at Fort Hood, she personally went to the airport and embraced each one of them before they left. This started back in 2003, and has ever since done it.

Even though it seems to be something of no importance, it sends a lot of courage, warmth and identity to the soldiers who are going to a foreign place and never know if they will ever make it back alive. But when they make it back to their homes, they always meet Elizabeth at the airport to give them a welcoming hug. Actually, she turned out to be very familiar to many as they started to call her ‘Hug Lady.’ It is calculated that from the time she started in 2003, she has managed to hug more than a half a million soldiers. But it came a day when she never showed up at the airport.

She had been diagnosed with cancer and was hospitalized so that she would receive treatment. The soldiers missed her presence, and planned to pay back. They started visiting her at the hospital, where they too gave her the hugs.

Jarvez Wilkes, Staff Sgt. Told NBC that it was a pleasure to him to give her a hug when she deeply needed it, and that’s why he went to the hospital because she also had showered him with lots of love.

The soldiers came together and raised her medical bill within 3 days which had amounted to $70, 000.

Her son named Richard confessed that it was so touching to see many people and with soothing comments just because she also had touched them with her simple hug.

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