Soldier’s Remains Transported Over 2,000 Miles On Road By 100 Bikers.. Humanity At Its Best!

Our troops are the people who sacrifice their own lives to protect the nation, and the least we can do to recognize their efforts is to treat them with respect when they finally come home to their families. However, as much we would all love to see all our soldiers finally come home safe and sound, it’s not always the case. Some lose their lives in service.

The Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) is a group of many people who have teamed up to make sure veterans and troops in service are treated with respect even in their civilian life. These people did something really cool for the late Staff Sgt. Jonathan Turner.

After 7 deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, Jonathan retired with an injury. A year later, he died from his injury, but his family couldn’t make it to his funeral in California. That’s when the PGR stepped in to ensure his remains reached his family in Georgia. They couldn’t let this hero be transported via FedEx. He had to be respected!

Watch and get the full story of how Jonathan’s remains were handed over and over by 100 people across 2,000 miles.

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