Some People Are Really Incensed By What This Chiropractor Did To A Baby. Watch!

Chiropractic care is a medical field that seems to be gaining quite some momentum lately, with many people opting out of the normal medical systems to embrace the practice. A chiropractor is someone who is informed and is a professional in this field, someone just like the doctor shown in the video.

Now, the main practice of this chiropractic care involves the spine. If you’re having some problems with your back, a chiropractor will know what to do. The practice is mostly physical. In this video, something is happening, and now people are not happy about it.

Doctor Ian Rossborough lives in Melbourne, Australia, and he’s a chiropractor. He’s an internationally recognized expert in this field, and that’s one good reason why this couple came to him when their newborn couldn’t sleep. Ian has a way of solving such problems.

Well, the video shows Ian as he goes about his job, trying to make the 4-day-old little out of the predicament. He works on the baby’s back and ultimately gets the baby to feel better. However, some people are not impressed by the way Doctor Ian handled the baby, but some others are also on his side. This is an issue that’s been brewing some controversy. You might want to watch the video and be the judge.

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