St. Paul Police Dogs Get A $1,200 Donation From A 9 Year Old Boy. The Reason? I’m So Touched!

A boy of 9 years old called Ethan, has not received any birthday gift for four years now. The last birthday party he had, was when he was 4 years where he was given a lot of presents, which made him stunned.

On seeing that, his mother saw it better for him to look for something to make a donation to. That is when he began to adore the animals.

His mother, Jennifer Flint, commented that if it was to be another kid aged 5 years, he would have asked why he is not having a birth day party. She went on to say that she had to converse with her son and told her that it was better to give out so that other people can gain from the big-heartedness that he has in his family.

From that time, Ethan has managed to come up with $1,200 to reconstruct the Lake Superior Zoo after flooding, $1,000 for a giraffe exhibition, and $700 for frogs and snakes. Although it sounds strange to hear kids donating, it actually happens frequently.

This current year, Ethan has a plan to give out $1200 for purchasing bulletproof vests for St. Paul police dogs.

He said that it was not fair for some dogs to have bulletproof vests while others don’t. It’s without doubt that when Ethan grows up, he will take a veterinarian or animal saving careers.

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