Star Player Can’t Hold Her Tears When She Sees Her Military Dad. It’s Emotional!

Having a family member serving in the military is not something easy for any of the military families. The families always have to keep away thoughts of misfortunes that could occur to their loved once while they are deployed overseas. There are just so many things that could happen; just the same way that driving on the road is risky. Think of the way you hope that a family member who is on a business trip will fly to and fro safely. Until they are back, you just feel that something is not complete. That feeling could be compared to the one people had shortly after the September 11 attacks, or just shortly after any flight disaster has happened.

In the military, such happenings especially during times of war are very common. That is why every day that ends safely is considered a miracle on its own. Anytime a family back home receives their son, daughter, or parent safely, they consider it another miracle. They feel it is an honor for their family member to go ahead and serve their country, and a blessing for them to return safely – that is what is happening in the clip below.

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