Steve Harvey Had An Emotional Message During Mother’s Day To His Wife

Steve Harvey decided to invite his wife of nine years, Marjorie Bridges to honor her on mother’s day. What he did not know was how touched she would be when she got to know that he was doing it for her, when he invited her to the show. This is because she thought at first that he was doing this as a symbolic gesture for all women who were watching his show.

She appeared for a whole week in his show and just as the cameras were rolling, in front of his audience, he made his move. He expressed to her the feelings that going inside his mind the first day they met. He told her the first words he had said that day when they met. He had told her that though they barely knew each other, he was going to marry her! He knew inside himself that he wanted to do that.

Many years later, or rather 9 years later, he feels that he made his best decision. She has done a lot as a mother for the family. She inspired his son to be an A student. She has influenced him to love listening to music again, and helped raise their children in a loving way. They have seven of them.

Take a moment and watch this video, you will see a part of Harvey you have never seen before.

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