Students Do This Outside Their Teacher’s House Moments Before She Passes Away. Watch!

For a cool 17 years, Mariana Walker was a teacher at the Alvin Junior High School, and she made sure to do good to all. She was the best choir teacher the students could ever hope for, and that’s why it was such a heartbreak for the teens when she had to leave school due to her illness. But the students never forgot their favorite teacher!

Walker was fighting cancer. Sadly, her condition was fast deteriorating, and she had to be taken to a hospice for care. One day, her students showed up at her house and did something really beautiful!

These teens organized themselves and geared up to sing a beautiful song for their ailing teacher. They chose “Oceans,” by Hillsong. This song will also touch your heart as it mirrors the situation at hand. The teacher’s family was kind enough to open the doors so she could hear her students sing for her from the outside. It was a really moving moment. Moments after, Walker let go and passed away.

It’s like she had been waiting for her nice students to properly send her off, and they did. She passed away peacefully. Watch the video and listen to this beautiful song. You’ll want to SHARE this on Facebook!

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