Teacher Loses Faith In Her Students Until The School Installs A Washing Machine

It is approximated that on a daily basis, more than 4,000 kids end up being school dropouts. Sometimes we may feel justified to call them lazy, stupid and bad, but what we forget is that there must be real problems that make them feel unworthy.

“Care Counts,” is a program which was created by Whirlpool which even teachers had expressed a bit of doubts towards it. A dryer and a washing machine was put by the company inside one public school. Weekly, students would carry along their dirty laundry and they would be washed and dried. It was all about having clean clothes.
Though no big difference was expected, it did.

Alison Guernsey was one of the teachers who had failed to notice that lack of clean clothes is one of the things that made students not to show up. There were students who had dryers and washers at home but their families could not afford paying for the electricity bills. There was even a student who was homeless. Even those who had sort to withdraw from school were excited to come back.

Guernsey also noted that class participation rose up to 89 percent and the attendance increased to over 90%. The students were ready to learn compared to before.

It is amazing to note that something simple can positively change the lives of students.
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