Teen Daughter Asks For Help After Mom’s Car Broke Down.. Then This Stranger Did THIS…

Maiya James is a 16-year old girl who has seen the struggles of a family she loves dearly. Her mother is a single parent who takes care of Maiya and her severely disabled sister, Mariah.

Mariah is blind, has epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Mariah needs 24- hour round the clock care, and when their van broke down, Maiya knew she had to do something.

The van was their only source of transport to the hospital, and the mom did not have money for repair.

Maiya searched the Internet and found a local dealership. She sent an email and hoped the owner would assist.

The team at Dani Auto dealers was touched by her story and had a surprise for the family.

Maiya thought they would fix the old car. The team showed up at Maiya’s house with plenty of goodies.

Besides getting a new van and getting the old one fixed, the Dani Auto dealers had another surprise in store for the family.

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