Teen gets ready to sing “one of the world’s hardest songs” – Moment she hits 1st note, judges instantly jump to feet

Allow me to introduce you to Serena Rigacci, and put that name firmly in your memory!

This 11-year-old girl, from Italy, turned to the talent dial to maximum when she took the stage on the reality talent show, ‘Next Star’.

Of all the songs one could choose to sing, Serena decided on a rendition of Whitney Houston’s ballad classic “I Will Always Love You“.

Those who have heard the song – and know Whitney’s voice – know that it’s no easy challenge. Performers are constantly at risk of being compared to Houston’s perfect cover of Dolly Parton’s original.

When you’re just 11, that pressure can easily become a burden, but Serena didn’t need to sing more than two words before the judges were completely floored.

It soon became apparent this was no ordinary girl. The judges were quickly blown away with Serena’s voice and emotional control.

As it happened, the audience seemed to be pretty entertained, too.

Serena kept her composure and poise to the last, even after the judges energetically rose to their feet in applause. As testament to how skilled Serena is, several people in the audience were actually left in tears.

See for yourself the moment a star is born in the video below –  what a wonderful talent you are, Serena! Whitney would have been proud if she’d seen this!

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