Teen with severe burns refuses to go to prom – then someone knocks on door and she starts trembling

Korryn Bachner, 15, was sitting around a backyard fire pit with her friends when one of the guests poured gasoline on the flames. The gasoline caused a huge explosion and Korryn, along with a dozen other teens, were badly injured. Clothes were burned off bodies and screams filled the air before paramedics arrived.

The Illinois teen suffered third-degree burns on more than 90 percent of her face. She was hospitalized for nearly two weeks and require more surgeries in the future.

The popular varsity cheerleader, with her head and face wrapped in bandages, assumed she wouldn’t be going to prom this year. Devastated, she canceled on her prom date and told her friends she’d be staying home from Glendale East High School. She tried to think of happy thoughts, like her new dream of becoming a nurse and working in the burn unit to help other victims of such tragedies.

Just hours before her prom was supposed to begin on a Saturday night, Korryn found herself home thinking of the amazing night that could have been.

Suddenly, she heard a knock at the door…

Watch what follows in the video below:

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