The Airline Caught Many By Surprise By Doing This To The Fallen Soldiers…So Touching!

I believe once you’re through with watching this video, all you will be left with in your heart is a lot of respect for the Delta Airlines. Within this clip, a fallen soldier is being honored with his entire K9 doing the unloading of caskets. It’s the best ceremony which can be ever be accorded to any fallen heroes. As reported by 98.7 The River, an IED had killed a bomb-sniffing dog and a soldier within Atlanta and that’s why this ceremony is being conducted. The smaller casket is that of the soldier’s companion (the dog.)

Here on our platform, we were highly touched by Delta Airline’s actions and that gives us more reason to travel with them since they recognize the kind of sacrifices our servicemen make to serve our country. Though we do not have the real identity of the fallen heroes, we pass our condolences to their families.

Did you know that Delta Airline did this before you watched this video? What do you think of their idea to carry out what they did? We will highly appreciate if you let us know your views by commenting below and SHARING this clip with your family and friends!


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