The Baby Was Sleeping When Yorkie Pup Decided To Do This… So Mindful!

We love it when we see puppies and babies relating. Cuteness is what that kind of relationship is all about. Here, we meet a baby who’s sleeping peacefully when one Yorkie Misty comes along. We were worried what was going to happen and decided to record. What we ended up filming was so adorable.  Misty looked at the sleeping baby and thought the little one was not comfortable enough and decided to take matters into her own hands. She went ahead and tucked the baby’s blankets in.

Since the posting of this video, many opinions have been evoked from readers and viewers. Some believe the dog did this unintentionally while exploring and smelling the baby and ended up tucking the covers. For others, they believe that the dog had been watching the parents do this on a regular basis and when it saw there was something wrong, the dog decided to do it itself. However, uncovering this mystery is one of the hardest things to do.

All must note that a lot of care has to be taken when the babies have to be introduced to dogs. A baby’s strange sounds, movements and smells may end up confusing the dogs and in some cases, the kind of attention a baby is normally given may make a dog to become jealous and feel threatened.

Always make a dog feel that a baby is a valuable addition to your family when making such introductions. Many people find it hard to train a dog when compared to training a toddler and thus a lot of patience is needed.

What are your views about this issue?

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