The Baby’s Gender Gives The Couple A Lifetime Surprise, Watch!

Kim Guiley was about to give birth to her second child, but there was something she was feeling about her pregnancy. The mother who lives in California was going to have a natural birth at home and everything was going well until something happened…

Guiley and her husband, Travis were all along looking forward to having a baby girl and already had some names in mind. So when July came and she gave birth, they couldn’t believe it when they looked at the newborn.

The moment she looked between the baby’s legs, she was shocked and knew they were going to forget the girl’s names they had in mind. The baby was a boy and the moment left the couple with astonishment.

Though that was the case, they cherished the moment since they already had a baby girl and they ended up naming the baby Theo. Before that, Guiley had miscarried a baby girl and that must have made them assume they expected baby was a girl.  After the miscarriage, they had decided to let the sex of the baby to be a surprise to everyone.

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