The Cancer Patient Knew He Was About To Die, Then He Requested This… So Moving!

It was early in 2014 when Leizel and Rowden decided to tie the knot. Their wedding was supposed to take place on 8th July 2014 a date that coincided with Rowden’s 30th birthday. The two, together with Zakiah, their daughter of 2 years were full of joy as they looked forward to their lives’ new chapter.

Unfortunately, their dreams were cut short when Rowden was diagnosed with liver cancer (stage IV.) That was towards the end of May the same year. Though he knew he was about to die, all he wanted was to get married to the love of his life. Immediately, preparations for the wedding were underway and since it was not possible for Rowden to leave hospital, family and friends were invited to the hospital. Finally the two were declared man and wife and Rowden passed away. It happened less than 10 hours after they had exchanged vows.

Though the two were aware of what was about to happen, they never let that affect their happiness during their wedding day. The crying family members did not distract them from enjoying the day they had always looked forward to. This defines the meaning of true love.

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