The Child Was Crying When The Doctor Handled Him This Way… I Need To Learn That Trick Too!

Every parent can tell you how a newborn baby’s cry can be very irritating. Because of this, a pediatrician doctor by the name of Dr. Robert C. Hamilton has come up with a way of making the crying babies stop.

So if you are a parent of a little kid, never lose this golden opportunity of having the knowledge of how you can calm down your baby wherever he starts to cry!

This Santa Monica, California pediatric demonstrates in the clip below called “The Hold,” how he has been able to calm down numerous newborn babies for the 30 years he has been working.

The clip starts by showing a baby called Ashton crying. The pediatric then goes ahead to carefully offer a detailed procedure of “The Hold,” by simply getting the baby’s little arms and folding them on his chest. He then proceeds by holding the folded arms with the help of his one hand while the other one hand hold the baby from the bottom. After all this holding, he starts to rock the baby back and forth. The results? Ashton calms down in a very short time.

The clip was just posted a few days ago, but it has gotten more than 1.7 million views. Watch it below and let us know if you knew of this trick before by commenting below. Please SHARE this to all your friends on Facebook!


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