The Custodian’s Home Burns Down, But See What The School Has Got For Her… What A Surprise!

At Boiling Springs High School, Brenda Hurst is taken to be the Spartanburg, SC’s beloved custodian. The staff members and the students take her to be like a family member. When tragedy struck which burned her home, the neighborhood came in to help, and an action to which she didn’t think was possible.

The student council of carpenters for Christ and Ork joined to perform something wonderful. They put her in a police car while blind folded and took her to a blue bus. It at this point when the bus started to drive away that she was about to collapse. She never stopped to scream when she saw that she had been constructed a new house.

This revives the memories when Ellen gave this big family a surprise of a new car. The effect was the same as Hurt’s one.

The house was totally furnished, with a red sofa, a black table and chairs. Hurst praised the Lord saying that it was a blessing and honor. She went forward to say that no matter what happens, the faith to God should be strong.

Some of the additional features of the house were the walk-in closet which only rich people use.

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