The Driver Slammed On The Breaks And Jumped Out, And You’ll Love Him When You Know Why. Incredible!

When Bill Clark woke up to start his daily job as a bus driver, he had no idea the day would never end without him being pronounced a hero.

So he’s driving around doing his usual rounds, and he has some passengers in the bus. He gets somewhere and notices some white light ahead. He takes a clearer look and gets a shock.

In that instant, Bill jumped out the bus like it’s burning, running down in middle of the road like a madman. But do you know why? Bill Clark had spotted a toddler running around in the middle of the highway, and his human instincts kicked in with force.

He took the child into the bus and even offered him some chocolate. It was later established by the local cops that the kid had exited his dad’s apartment as he took a nap. When asked about it, the bus driver didn’t see any heroism in it, even shaking his head and claiming that it’s just human nature to react that way.

All the same, Bill Clark saved a child, and he’s a true hero. Watch this and SHARE with all your buddies!


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