The Heart-Warming Moment Big Brother Meets His Newborn Sibling For The First Time.. So Adorable!

Sibling rivalry is common. Additionally, accepting a new sibling is not an easy adjustment to the existing child especially if you are the only child.

One little boy shows us that sibling love beats sibling rivalry.  In the video below, the little boy cannot wait to meet his newborn sibling.

Logan Crahan runs into the hospital room. His mother, Alexa, welcomes him and shows him his brother, Liam.

Instead of greeting his mom, Logan shows off his “big bro” t-shirt. He hugs baby Liam. Alexa tells Logan that he missed him. The two hug and mom holds the boy.

Logan stares at his brother and hugs him again. The baby cries, and Alexa has to get Logan away from the baby.  All that Logan thinks and cares about is the baby. He shows his love by rubbing his head and embracing him. Logan even plants a kiss on Liam’s forehead.

Watch the emotional video of the boy who is excited to see his newborn sibling. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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