The Kind Of Fun These Kids Are Having At The Prom Will Blow You Away. I Love It!

We all love to just wind off and have a nice time once in a while.

But some people happen to forget that even those of us who require some special treatment also deserve to have some happy times. That hasn’t escaped the society, though, and that’s why one good church has taken it upon itself to do something about it.

Every year in Memphis, TN, the Christ United Methodist Church hosts a prom, whereby special needs people are given a good chance to have some fun too. The event is open to any special needs person of 16 or more years of age, and there’s no discrimination whatsoever.

This video show one of those events and the kind of great fun the attendees have year in year out at the prom. As they arrive, they are greeted with cheers and wide smiles and eager handshakes. You just have to agree that this is the best prom ever!

Check out the great clip and see for yourself. This will just steal your heart, and you’ve to just drop a comment and SHARE with all your friends on Facebook!


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