The Kindhearted Officer Helps Her Attain Her Goal. See What He Did!

Losing weight was the great joy for her. Watch how happy Asia Ford is after losing 200 lbs. She was focused to participate in all the activities she could not have tried before due to her body size.

Asia was participating in the 10k race. She believed in herself and knew she will make it. Quitting was not an option to her even though she started panicking. She continued with her race until this kind and gentle Louisville officer noted that she was not okay.

The most amazing part in the clip is when the officer joined the race and helped Asia to complete the race. The audience was moved by his gentleness and humanity.

Asia could not hold her joy after completing her race. She did not know the best way to thank him. Everyone cheered for this kindhearted office.

It turned out that she had forgotten to take her meals for that day. This is the reason for her breaking down as she was very weak. Completing the race was her way to celebrate her victory of making to loss the excess weight.

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