The Little Girl Did The Unexpected And Saved The Day… WOW!!

Savannah did what most kids of her age wouldn’t even come close to excelling at: She saved her dad’s life. An event that could have turned ugly and tragic made a turn-around for the better when this 5-year-old little daughter made a clear call to the 911 when her father fell ill. The man had called the emergency center but was unable to explain the situation to the 911 dispatcher due to his breathing problems. Jason Bonham, who happened to be the dispatcher on this occasion, couldn’t make out what the father was saying and couldn’t trace the call to the home address since it came from a mobile device. Jason was on the verge of giving up when the girl’s voice came online and calmly explained the situation.

The funny part comes from the way Savannah reacted when the rescue team came to the house. She even felt a little embarrassed because she would’ve liked to be better dressed up when the team arrived.

The little kid answered all questions with astonishing calmness. In fact, she managed to provide all the vital details that led to her dad’s life being saved. She acted on every instruction with precision. Her dad is well and recovering now.

Watch the clip and snoop on the exchange between Savannah and Jason. You’ll love it!

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