The Police Are Supposed To Risk Their Lives For Civilians, But Now The Roles Have Reversed. You Have To Watch This!

There has been a spate of attacks against police officers, with one of them recently shot in the back of the head while filling up a police car at a gas station. So when this teen decided to do this to a deputy, it just went viral.

So this cool 16-year-old teen, McKinley, spots Deputy Kelley at a gas station, and then he walks over and offers to stand guard for her as she pumps gas into the police car. The Harris County officer couldn’t help being deeply touched by the young man’s sacrifice as he stood there, with the heavy rain pouring on them, yet he didn’t move out.

The teen had to be recognized, with the lady officer even giving him a good hug and taking a nice selfie of the two of them at the gas station. When the photo was posted online, it quickly went viral, and the young man has gained quite a bit of recognition for his heroic act.

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