The Teacher Forces This Boy To Speak In Front Of His Class. What Follows? UNBELIEVABLE!

I am pretty sure that most people have watched the movie “The King’s Speech.” The king always had a problem with his speech since he was young. I am sure you remember how happy the king was the moment he managed to overcome his problem. In this video, we meet Musharaf Asghar. He is not a king, but he suffers from the same problem the king had. This boy is a terrible stutter, and he never thinks he will manage to speak just like other people.

In this touching video, Musharaf’s teacher applies the same approach used in the movie to help him to speak. The teacher uses music to help Asghar to overcome his anxiety. This boy couldn’t get a few words out of his mouth.

The cutest part of this video is when Musharaf manages to speak in front of the class. It was quite a surprise to the kids who bullied him just because he was not in a position to speak. He proved them wrong, what a moment it was! At last Mushy could speak confidently.

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