The Young Girl Has To Carry The Machine Around. Then This Dog Did This For Her…

In this video, we meet a little girl called Alida. From when she was an infant, a condition known as neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy (NEHI) was detected in her. Due to her condition, she was needed to carry an oxygen tube around in order to breathe. As she grew up, her parents realized that it would be difficult for her to move around since she had to carry the oxygen tank attached to the oxygen tube. This tank was heavy and it could be tiring to carry it by herself.

Her parents learned that through the help of service dogs, she could be able to move around without much struggle since the dog would carry her oxygen tank. That when plans of finding Mr. Gibbs were made. Mr. Gibbs is a trained dog that looks after the little girl and his work is to follow Alida around to ensure she’s fine.

When you watch this video, you will totally admit that Mr. Gibbs was really meant for her since he does his best to ensure the young girl is safe. More so, the two have a wonderful relationship!

Watch this clip and see how they get along!

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