Their Friend Had Lost His Life In An Accident. What The Cop Did? A True Act Of Humanity!

It’s never hard listing the many hateful news around us but a unique bittersweet twist is contained in this one.

This is a painful tragedy in which Patrick Sullivan passed away in a road accident at 17 years of age. This took place within Rockland, MA over the New Year’s Day. The happening made his many friends and family devastated.

On the wake of events, 22 friends of Sullivan were gathered in a local restaurant taking a meal. Once they were through, they requested for the bill only to find out that they had no bill to pay. Their $400 had been cleared by one Rockland police officer who never wanted his identity to be revealed.

Sgt. Greg Pigeon was the name of the officer who had done this act. The death of Patrick had highly affected him since he had gone to the same school with him while a teen. He wanted to show some humanity with his unique kindness as a way of paying Patrick the last respect.

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