There Is A Reason Why This Commercial Was Aired Only Once. Find Out!

They first appeared on the commercial scene in 1935, the Budweiser’s team of Clydesdale horses then became synonymous with the brewer. They were at first a gift to celebrate the new beginning after their ban was lifted and they were allowed to do business.

Today they are still of great importance to the Budweiser brand, and anyone who drinks the Budweiser beer, and even those who don’t, find the Budweiser Clydesdale to be something they can identify with. Every day that the brewer decides to release these classy commercials, we all get the taste of the authentic “American” Taste.

This ad, that was released on the day that the 9/11 attacks happened gives many of us chills down our spines, whenever we see them. This particular commercial was aired only once, that is during the 2002 Super bowl. The Ad was never aired again till someone eventually uploaded it to YouTube.

Now because of the internet, you are free to enjoy what it means to be truly patriotic and without fear, to be a true American. Watch this groundbreaking ad and feel free to SHARE it with as many friends as you wish. It will sure make your day with its magnificent.

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