There Is Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel – These Mistreated Quadruplet Sisters Say It All!

The clip below portrays to us how those who we consider to be very important to us can fail us while those we never thought of turn out to be our savior when in a fix. Meet this Lucci quadruplets of 19 years, who have undergone a lot of hardship in their lives. Paris, Bianca, Madison and Tiffany Lucci used to live a luxurious life in Beverly Hills. They were kids to very successful parents, but the family slowly was breaking apart, as their dad was so abusive. He used to beat his daughters frequently, even to the extent of breaking one of their arms. One very bad thing is that he would leave his daughters to be hungry and never show them love, while he did the opposite to his sons. Then one day, their mother told them that she was leaving to look for gifts for them, but never was seen again.

The quadruplets had to be put in foster homes when they turned 11 years. They managed to find good foster homes separately but their dad always went and interfered. He always told the foster parents that the girls were stubborn thus discouraging from accepting them.But all in all, strangers helped them when they were in need. The teachers used to bring breakfast for them each morning and the foster parents accepted them as if they were their biological kids.

The quadruplet has now come out to tell their story of how the strangers were of much help to them more than the family itself. They thanked the foster parents and the whole community for having helped them to be where they are currently.

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