There Is No Better Way Of Sharing This Powerful Message Than What These Survivors Of Melanoma Do!

If the message within this video never melts your heart, then you must be having a tough one. This is a video people with a common thing, though it’s not something that will make you happy. These are skin cancer survivors sending a powerful message to those who may need it by repetitively saying “Dear 16-year-old Me.”

They are aware how strong the message they are passing across is and they go straight to the point from the onset of this video. All of them wish they had the chance of knowing the very same message they are sharing out. If that had been possible, then they could have prevented it or dealt with it in the right manner. By having a look at the scars that resulted from the surgery, they went through makes their message even more meaningful.

As stated by the Skin Cancer Foundation, of all forms of skin cancer, Melanoma happens to be the most dangerous. It’s normally caused when skin cells are damaged by unrepaired DNA complications. The damage may be caused by radiation from tanning beds or sunshine and as a result cancerous growths or malignant tumors develop on the skin due to the rapid multiplication of skin cells. According to the organization, melanoma is curable if one recognizes and treats it early. If that fails to happen, it becomes fatal and hard to treat once it has spread to other body parts.

The urgency of their message is very clear- if you only you set a few minutes to check whether you have its signs from time to time, you may end up saving yourself a great deal. So as to prevent future diagnoses, you have the responsibility of SHARING this message with everyone! Please do so!


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